I’m new to the forum and probably have the same question and fears as most, but I prefer to ask rather than not.

Here is my situation. I’m 39. My wife discover what is a 1cm wide mole near my ear on the edge of my hair 8 days ago. We were immediately surprised because we never saw it before and due to location, we can’t see why we would have missed it, especially after my last hair cut 1 month ago which would have exposed it in full. So we’re concerned.

I immediately went to see my family doctor who made a referral for a dermatologist. yesterday i was booked for teleconsultancy, where I saw a nurse who took pictures of it and is now sending the pics to a dermatologist of initial assessment. They say a response would come within 4 weeks and most of the time within a week, depending on how many patients they have to deal with.

I’ve taken macro pictures 7 days ago and yesterday and the thing seems to have evolved quite a bit, not in diameter but in thickness. It’s now more raised. Here are the pictures: http://postimg.org/image/98qliukyf/

Given this rapid change, the fact we never saw it before in a place that should have been seen and the possible wait for weeks to get an answer, I’m more concerned. Also I’m travelling next week for business and am wondering if I should cancel to go see someone else fast.

How quickly can these things grow and how fast one should act. Are we talking days, weeks, months, years?

Thanks for any advice.