melanin_gold(The Final Note on Melanin) This final note comes from the Select Writing of Gopi Krishna, Kundalini is the Sanskrit term for a latent energy force said to be coiled in the tfab-types_of_light-master-text-cracker_added1base of the spine, which can be activated through yogic practices and can bring great mental and psychic powers. (Kundalini is symbolized by a sleeping dragon in mythology and by the serpent in the caduceus.) “the white man has to distract you, because if he doesn’t distract you, you will make a new reality”…without him! “there are devices in the body that will come on-line and destroy EVERYTHING when it is threatened with extinction”. So, they have to SNEAK around. There is a seed inside of you, the First person that seed explodes in, “we” all cease to exist. But the SOUL is indestructible. Could that have been the REAL Big Bang.  (Source)