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In a lengthy post found in the Google+ Black Power community:

White Nationalist Marco Cultera said, “About white slavery… For more information about it, read “White Gold”, posted before.”

NBFSN publisher Yusef Douglas replied: Your kind’s skin is weak due the the easily destroy-able by Ultraviolet Light (UVL) Pheomelanin pigment it is composed of. Your gene is recessive & can’t even evolve to protect your 4% Neanderthal kind from the entrance of UVL now present in the earth’s atmosphere. UVL also makes your immune system highly susceptible to diseases & negatively impacts your mental capabilities. So, before the opening of the Ozone Layer, your kind’s skin – under the white supremacist ideology – held some value. But in this, the UVL Age, it less than worthless. As a matter of fact, in this, the emergence of the Ultraviolet Light Age , Pheomelanin, the pink & yellow pigment white skin is comprised of, should (((NEVER))) be compared to or called gold. 

On the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Gold: is valued at $40.78 . The (black & brown) Eumelanin pigment our skin is composed of is valued at $384.50 a gram. The Pheomelanin their skin is composed of, because of its easy corruptibility, doesn’t even make the NYSE. Accordingly so, White skin is worth than the cheapest metals:
Aluminium, which is the most abundant metallic element in the crust cost at $1/lb.

So, in the comments that head this post saying, ” for more information about it, read White Gold, it would be better to say, ” For more information about it, read “White Aluminum” if you just have to compare white skin to a metal.