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Coolibar UPF 50+ 48″ Titanium Fashion Umbrella – Sun Protective (customer review) By Vincent J. Marotta 

coolibar_when_good_ideas_go_bad-text-ra_added-master-aFirst and foremost, the umbrella featured here has an outside that is silver, not white like what’s implied in the pictures. They didn’t hide this fact, but the sample picture in terms of outside color is deceptive. In saying that, the silver color is more similar to a “silky duct tape” color, which as presented is tolerable and pleasing to look at. Coolibar should consider putting a floral design on the outside to give it a hip look. People will notice the color from a distance, however where I live they’ll notice someone carrying an umbrella around during the day regardless. The inside is a dark green color that resembles camping gear. It’s actually a very beautiful green. It also has some white netting underneath that acts as ventilation for airflow. I imagine this is to prevent buckling and inverting. Very neat.

My beautiful girlfriend has Lupus, and with the upcoming summer the increase in sunlight is the major factor in triggering her Lupus flare ups. Because she shouldn’t have to put on sunscreen every single day, I purchased this sun umbrella as a way to prevent flare ups and the pain associated with it. I often felt helpless as she would tire from the pain, and in knowing there was nothing I could do it really bothered me.


y7a-minaciiactbefteSince our purchase of this umbrella, she is better outside than ever before. People say we look cute together walking around with the umbrella, and she absolutely loves it. In direct sunlight, some people have taken shelter with us because of how well it protects against the sun. It’s really like sitting under a tree’s shadow.

Although I originally thought the outside of this umbrella was a different color, I am thoroughly pleased with my purchase and every aspect of this product.

Thank you for helping us improve our lives.