Ripe with knowledge & cynicism, another Dawn of Ra production!

Oh Ra!! Wonderful knowledge to ra view!! And you know they at CERN attempting to fuck with all that you espoused upon RIGHT NOW, right…? Ultimately, wanting to create a universe using this sub-ATUMic particle, aka The God Particle, as building blocks. They’re using magnets to smash them together to see how this energy works. But the 107056-fucking-nigger-god-particleParticle keeps turning into Dark Ma’atter and “decaying”(aka disappearing lol!!) 😂 into even smaller particles-electrons or quarks of ATUM. They didn’t take into consideration the Dark Ma’atter (the Dark Mother/material) would cloak the actual workings of how these puzzle pieces fit together to potentially form a universe!  And then there’s ANTI Ma’ater the obvious opposite partner of Ma’ater. They didn’t take into account having to fuck with all that as well in order to enable them to actually see how the…

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