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In the capital city of the Nation of Emmanuel, New Jerusalem, where and when the University of Ra was born the lead assignment that became a competition to that first class of enrolled students challenged them to develop natural or mechanical Ultraviolet Light tools, resources and utilities that would enhance, protect, uplift and evolve those God particled, dominant gene possessing, Eumelanin clothed and slowly regathering tribe of Judah – along with the other formerly lost tribes of Israel – who fresh in their yawns and rubbing of eyes were just now not only awakening to the knowledge of their inheritance upon the earth but, too, feeling the vibrations that the entrance of divine black-man-powered-by-ra-added_brother-added_sun-master-retouched-retouchedlight into their planet’s atmosphere was prophesied to have upon them and, like a ripple from a pebble thrown into the water spreads until its current will carry it no further, comfortably confirmed for their identities. In the emergence of that original and great instruction, development wise, nothing was to be considered not viable. For just as Dr. Yakub Seven Ali (after his return from his first ascension) had proven that the intelligence of fire would not let one who had learned to communicate with it utilize it outside of their ability to control it, there was no longer the concern that the prize students would be as those who were left behind and seek mechanism of revenge and destruction – who even today many still called Gentiles and who, according to that once censured Yakub 666, did deserve such personal revenge because they had made themselves the enemies of Gaea, Nut and existence itself. But shortly, the prize ones knew, like God himself – as it had been taught & fore-written of, they would all be concealed in that same impenetrable light.


1. “Cracker, before you step up on me pointing that gun, you do know who got my back, right?” 2. “Yeah, but yours haven’t even figured out how to use your vision & melanin as a weapon against us yet, ugly nigger!”