Yes, when you tell your puppies and dogs to “sic evil’ and to ‘smell evil’ that will translate to their senses to the scent of whites – and (eventually) people of color who incessaantly (continue) to think white. For, you will not be able to hide the scent of your thoughts from the animals in the kingdom any longer.

Speaking the language of the birds and communicating with them that it is time to “peck” and “besiege” the “heads whose thoughts are continually unrighteous” likewise will translate to it is time to “peck” and “besiege” the “heads of whites.

“The bounty the Universe issued against Caucasians: there Are No Innocent Whites,”Divine Racial Karma Says

For as it has been foretold that in the last days and times the seasons will not be discernable for the weather’s extreme daily change, too the dogs will not be mankind’s best friends anymore and the other animals in the kindom will rather attack you and the planet be free of white unrighteousness – or white unrighteousness atleast be tamed and their psycho racial thoughts only be thought in the confides of their own home and their maniac psycho narcissistic behavior only be carried out in the privacy of their own homes too.