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There is an ancient knowledge that has been kept from the group of people who the holy texts identify as God’s chosen and (too) nature identifies as its preferred that, according to prophecy, restores that people to their “rightful” position of “rulership” upon the earth. The reintroduction of Ra to today’s generations of his chosen people identifies with ease who nature identifies as its chosen people.

Who are Ra’s chosen i.e.preferred people? Ra’s chosen people are those whose genetic make-up allows them to naturally utilize the energy he produces daily for ruler-ship purposes upon the earth.

There is only one gene upon the planet that this definition applies to: the dominant gene. Too, there is a certain melanin type that energy is conducive to: Eumelanin.


Dominant genes produce dominant beings whose genetic codes are capable of progressive  evolution in environment where their gene is threatened.  The genetic code of recessive gene individuals  lacks the ability to do this.