Everyday, at the same time, a predictable thing happens – at sunset: people begin turning on their cars’ headlights to prepare for night. Headlights, however, aren’t the only lights that are predictable to mankind’s inventions to enable him to guide himself along during the hours when Ra himself is absent from the sky.  As you will learn, though, Ra’s absence from the night sky doesn’t mean his presence isn’t there. For, Ultraviolet Light energy is present and readily seen and anxious to be harnessed during the night hours.

The vulnerability of mankind’s lights – especially as will become seen concerning his cars at dusk – are especially humoring because, at dusk, when people first start turning their car lights on, Ra’s presence is still reigning down upon them.  This, perhaps, is the time when they are most vulnerable.  The manipulation of their cars, based on the availability of lights: coming from them or light upon them or, even, the presence of UVL’s presence in the nighttime are exciting and curious!

tfab-streams-of-vision-and-the-3rd-eye-dev-dev-dev-dev-master-edit-FINAL (2).jpg

At night, the two beams of light coming from their cars are easily reduced to one. Using the Yakub Ultraviolet Light Science method of projecting light from your two carnal eyes to their single point of vision, measure and meet the very end of a car’s headlights and watch what you begin to discover! Have fun!