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Pictured in this hieroglyph is queen Nefertiti (wife of king Akhenaten). She and her husband were known for a revolution, in which they worshiped one god only, Aten Ra, or the sun disc. In the noted link,tfab-k2y-txt she stands with her 3rd eye aligned with an ankh that appears at the end of one of the sun rays being emitted by Aten Ra.  The ankh, which in ancient Kemetic mythology represents the key to the ancient secrets of the Gods, appears (sort of as if it is a gift to those of kinsmanship) via a hand that is extended at the end of each of sun ray. Following the alignment of it’s meeting with 3rd eye, queen Nefertiti holds a cup in each hand as thought she is filling it with the sun’s rays to drink. What did these greatest of our genetic ancestors know about our kinsmanship with the sun that we haven’t yet come into the full knowledge of?

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