Don’t listen to idiot Christian Negroes and dumb Hebrews that teach Ra is evil. They want to save their oppressor and abuser because they suffer from Stockholm syndrome. Why would I be against the one entity that is destroying the devils that exalted himself over Ra’s Chosen? I’m okay with Ra beaming down on the devil spawns. Brainwashed Negroes, Hebrew and Christiasn can go to hell with their slave masters. (063 Bodeen blasphemy_ra_sayswit it.) ……. “Whites even used their bible as a weapon of control, by making slave preachers recant biblical verses which tended to uphold the institution of slavery due to some inherent ‘curse’ levied upon having Black skin, and that a slave wasn’t favorable in Gods eyes if they weren’t completely servile to their masters… Ephesians 6(5-9), Exodus 2(7-11), Leviticus 25(44-46). This may explain why still to this day so many of us subconsciously revere whites as ‘god like’, willingly worshipping the effigies of the higher power made in the white image, while remaining unwilling to challenge whites for some subconscious fear of divine punishment for doing so… ~Marginalizing White Supremacy, Stuart Knight  (MAC Nificent)