The white race has used their school books to⬇Read⬇ teach lies and their religious books to preach fairytales. Every since the age of believing has ended and the age of knowing has began our Conscious Community have done the research we see white supremacy revisions and references of our history as extremely idiotic and psychotic. When these melanin deficient neanderthals crawled out of the hills and caves of the Caucasus Mountains 6,000 years ago in the age of Taurus. It was sometime during the Age of Pisces when they created this three-headed beast(Christiaism,Islamism and Judaism). They have used their three-headed beast as a deadly weapon to murder,rape,torture and enslave our melanated race. Now that this misguided and useless white minority have stolen this planet from it’s black majority. What should we do? The same thing our ancestors-with the kinky hair,thick lip and brown skin-the Ancient Moabites ( europeans called them Atlaneans and Lemurians)…did 25,000 to 50,000 years ago. When they established the Ancient World Order throughout the four parts of this globe. To go within ourselves beyond the lower everyday consciousness to open our hearts and upper chakras to communicate and commune with the Ancestors.

When we begin to do this the Ancestors will be able to use their triple-powers of omnipresent,omniscience and omnipotent to help empower us throughout this Age of Aquarius to reclaim our five stolen birth rights. Which is truth,love,justice,peace and freedom. These are the five corner stones of our Ancient Nation. (AMEN NY-SUT TEHUTI-RA