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Whites that bow to their master Race respectfully will bring about a balance that will allow them to live on Earth without suffrage. Once respectful Whites get rid of the demon Whites they will be taken off the Global terrorist list. Until then, all Whites people are deemed psycho racial terrorist reparations offenders. I want you ( Eljah666 is speaking to Righteous devil, female, Alice Morgan) to spearhead a movement to teach the Whites who love hip hop and who act black to quickly learn to denounce wight supremacy. It will spread like wild fire. Whites that serve will live better than they did under wight privilege. Because poverty and taxation will be eliminated without wight greed and exploitation. You will be the spokesperson to address that segment of the white population. And, your name will be taken off the terrorists list for your service. Whites can be useful​ like a dog maybe. But, they should never be treated as an equal to humans with a conscience and morals.