The West’s presentation that the Eumelanin present in the pigment of people of color’s skin equates to their SPF’s 16 UV protection, is based on studies conducted using people of color who only use their two carnal eyes as the Pheomelanin(ed), weak pigment whites do i.e. for external looking only and who do not feed their soul and Pineal Gland the supreme light their bio-chemistry is actually designed and meant to internalize, process and benefit from.

Only in Western science do blacks get melanoma. But, Western science is rooted in the flawed concepts of white supremacy. tfab-albtm-4r3g3n1l-energy-m1st2r-m1st2rIn reality, blacks are negatively effected by the sun in places like the palms of our hands & tfab-albtm-4r3g3n1l-energy-m1st2r-m1st2r11souls of our feet (places of our bodies that don’t receive enough Ultraviolet Light). When he first came to the United States (in the late 1920s) the honorable Fard Muhammad brought with him the introduction of…

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