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(Wyzedome) In essence melanin is pure light itself in solid form as molecules and cells and exists everywhere in the universe. When pure sunlight (light that has no solid intervention) reaches a concentration of melanin (inside Nubians) the energy absorbed gives melanin cells consciousness and allows them to function independently of the brain. Neuro-melanin acts and reasons differently from other parts of the brain–almost as a brain within the brain, and helps control vital organs and the management of energy (usually from light) in you and around you. Through blackness itself (the organic manifestation of this color/existence) melanin, carbon and ether communicate via black lights. Now, because blackness is the visual surface of space, matter and time (SMAT)–parts of this trinity are accessible via neuro-melanin.

This is one of the reasons why we have dreams, visions, or an idea for they need space, matter and time to exist prior to the thought being extracted from the mental/spiritual to the physical, be it your physical reaction to the thought. (Source: S.M.A.T & The Supreme “Neuro” Melanin#3)