G44-YMNCF2-AAa(ABOVE) The Original National Curfew for Whites Imposed by the Original Yakub 7 Ali (before his ascension)

“The mythological 3rd eye, which is the pineal gland, is accessed at the single point where the streams of vision of the two eyes meet” – Yakub 7 Ali.

The Curfew, imoposed summer 2007 by Yakub 7 Ali, restricted whites to five hours a day when they could be seen by those people of color whose Pineal Glands have been quickened by the Sun of God to help facilitate in the renewal of the earth as prophesied in the texts.

Because of whites’ reprobate behavior on the earth, Mother Nature & the Sun of God have found their flesh condemnation worthy.

Because the 3rd eye automates on its own when in the presence of them, the National Curfew for Whites was imposed to help them accomplish their day to day tasks during hours Yakub Muslim Ultraviolet Light scientists identified as safest for them to interact outdoors with the enlightened without being spotted with melanomas, carcinomas, sarcomas and other of the various skin plagues their biological composition makes them highly susceptible too.

A Glax Haas study found that between July 2007 and January 2008, reports of skin cancers and melanomas spiked with reportedly over a 300% .

“It is an epidemic,” a spokesman with the New Melanoma Research Study (NMRS) said. “If rates continue to rise at this pace, there won’t be a fairskinned American without Melanoma.”

Whites are strongly advised to take care of their shopping & other outdoor needs during non restricted curfew hours. Unrestricted Curfew Hours: MONDAY-FRIDAY: 5AM-7AM, 11AM-1P, 5PM-6PM; SAT. & SUNDAY: 5AM-7AM, 11AM-1PM, 4PM-5-M; Violaters are subject to Yakub Muslim melanomas, carcinomas, sarcomas & other skin plagues.

14 thoughts on “Curfew”

  1. You guys are fucking idiots. God doesn’t even exist.

  2. Hagbard Celine said:


  3. Iyam Impressed said:

    Congratulations. This is the craziest shit I have ever read on the internet.

  4. Kingfish Morgan said:

    This is some Wild Shit you riting on this blog. I putting on some BACON grease to

    keep my skin smooth & black, and I like the smell.

    Sun God? Why ain’t he sending me $$$, he don’t need it do he?

    You crazy Niggers, I hate being a Nigger!!!!

  5. Kingfish Morgan said:

    Third EYE? I see U comin at me, I gonna split Yo dayum skull and send Yo third EYE

    into OUTER SPACE. I know Whitey thinks all NIGGERS be dumb but some of us are

    like rocks.

  6. Charles Myrick said:

    first I enjoyed this blog but you have made a bit of a mistake.
    and yes I am of ireish decent but I am also of the cherokee.
    your mistake is that all have the 3rd eye and all can use it if they practice using it.
    I am leaguly blind and that is how I see much of what I see. mostly the winged cousines.
    oh those of my faith do not belive in the excistance of the devil.
    for man is already as evil as they can get killing for the joy of it

    • The white man is the Devil. That’s written in the holy texts. Yes, you are right: all don’t have a usable 3rd eye. White people are those who don’t. Those with Eumelanin possess fluid, usable 3rd eyes. White people’s pigment is composed of weak & easily harmed by Ultraviolet Light Pheomelanin – that their skin can’t tolerate. The 3rd eye is activated by light. Ultraviolet Light is the light it is activated by. It is a fact that we (people of color) have Eumelanin (((IN))) our 3rd Eyes aka Pineal Glands. White people’s possess the same corrupt Pheomelanin in their 3rd eyes that is in their skin. Therefore, it (Ultraviolet Light) is also corroding their Pineal Glands.

  7. memes are cool!! the only God is kek 🙂 dont displease kek or u will be bottom kek and not top keke… but dont wory u misguided abominations can still convert!

  8. Wow, what a bunch of stupid nig noggs. Im white and can handle UV just fine. But what do you expect from a species of ape who just recently learned to walk without knuclke dragging (some of them).

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