Review the logic in the research presented below and understand the honorable Elijah Muhammad’s definition of the word “trickology:”

Everything the white man does is rooted in ‘trickology’ – deception.

An example of this “trickology” is presented below in the logic the white man uses to construct the  argument that melanoma is deadlier in blacks.

Consumer Reports Health – “Melanoma rarer, but deadlier in blacks 

Melanoma rarer, but deadlier in blacksHispanicsMelanoma is rare in black and Hispanic people, but is diagnosed later, making it more deadly. 

But the truth is below:

Only in Western science do blacks get melanoma. But, Western science is rooted in the flawed concepts of white supremacy. In reality, blacks are negatively effected by the sun in places like the palms of our hands & souls of our feet (places of our bodies that don’t receive enough Ultraviolet Light).

When he first came to the United States (in the late 1920s) the honorable Fard Muhammad brought with him the introduction of the knowledge of the differences between Eumelanin and Phaeomelanin.

It wasn’t until the late 1940s, when the West accepted as truth the unique relationship between Eumelanin & Ultraviolet Light, that they began studying it.

Our history of the study of the genetics of melanin & the science of Ultraviolet Light reaches back much further than the 1940s. It is ancient.

Ultimately the incidence of what whites identify as melanoma in blacks results from the improper intake of sufficient Ultraviolet Light through the 3rd eye (Pineal Gland).

46 thoughts on “Trickology”

  1. Skin cancer is caused by UV light causing deformation in the skin cells, not god you fucking douche bags. Grow the fuck up, you’re so retarded you don’t even know you’re in denial. I know 5 year olds smarter than you dumb fucks.

    Grow up and stop being such judgemental pussies. No one is better than you and you are better than no one.


  2. Hagbard Celine said:


  3. This is very interesting stuff. I have so many questions now. I am interested to know what the Sun of God might have to do with Lupus. Lupus afflicts mostly black asian and latino females as well as males but is more rare in males. It is triggered by sun exposure and causes a “butterfly” rash over the face. It causes the immunes system to attack the body’s internal organs, skin, etc. If left untreated can lead to organ failure. Also I have read articles about a study that shows that people who work outdoors actually are at lower risk of melanoma specifically and that other skin cancers are more directly linked to sun exposure. That’s apparently why we get melanoma more often on the palms of the hands or other places not exposed to sun. The interesting thing is that it is the vitamin D from sun exposure that has the protective effect against cancer. Statistics show that blacks have a 25% higher death rate from cancer (not skin necessarily, just all cancers in general) which is believed to be linked to lower vitamin D absorbtion. Lighter skin is able to more efficiently synthesize Vitamin D from the sun. Do you suggest we all take more vitamin D supplements to counteract this? What is your take on Lupus as well?

    • Queen2Cent said:

      The SUN does not cause Lupus, but it can exasperate it. Lupus is not a skin cancer/disease. Nice try, though. I have a family member with Lupus, and the sun doesn’t bother her. Again, nice try. 😉

    • Improper intake of Ultraviolet light. Acceptance of sunlight like the white man. People of Color are beings who skin, pineal glands, organs, brains, eye & hair all contain our distinct Eumelanin That’s black & brown melanin. The Pineal Gland is activated by light. The same Eumelanin in nour skin is in our Pineal Glands. IOW, we use & process it differently. These are things that, because it’s rooted in white supremacy, Western Science will never reveal.

    • This whole website is full of idiots. If you think this website is credible, you are easily manipulated. The author of all of this shit is a complete retard, completely erroneous material. Just look at this irony, look at what white people said about black people just fifty years ago, this is the same shit! If you don’t think so, and if you follow this websites claims, you’re a sheep, it’s plain and simple. Simple minds love the semantics on this site.

  4. BLACK ELOPTIC LIGHT……(9) Ethereal Blessed Liberation From Bleached Out Adverse Forces……..Spot……Your It!!!

  5. ELOPTIC BLACK LIGHT…….(9) Ethereal Blessed Liberation From Bleached Out Adverse Forces……….Spot……Your It!!!

  6. John Smith said:

    You racist fucks are as bad as the KKK ! Same sick bastards – different package !

    All of you should be put to death along with your whole family for not drowning you at birth !

    Same old racist Yakub Muslim cleric bullshit to keep his fellow man down and robbed
    by you and your kind with your sick twisted views !


  7. Are you under a rock or something? We are born with our color of skin…..meaning we do not earn it. Skin color, just like the country we are born in, does not make us special. The things we do to contribute to humanity as a whole are what makes us special. If your contribution is your skin color, you are not contributing anything that was not given to you freely at birth. This makes you a waste of space just like the KKK and other racist idiots that think skin color makes you superior some how. I suggest you read a few books about these things you are claiming.
    Ignorance is a root of “evil” that does nothing but create violence and hate. Gain a little knowledge and be set free from the shackles you are trying to get others to live in. Knowledge and understanding lead to true freedom if that is what you truly seek. You lack any proof or evidence to your claims. That is hearsay….and is not a valid scientific tactic. I hope that you will be set free from your shackles so you can see the error of your ways and find true peace in your life.

    • Queen2Cent said:

      LOL… The 3rd eye is awakening for a lot of Black Folks. The truth hurts don’t it? Wow, as I type this, my local news broadcaster relays a message from surgeon general to stay out of the Sun, as the number of skin cancer cases continue to grow. Things that make you go humm.

      • Mike Radant said:

        Is it the 3rd eye that causes niggers to lead in deaths from heart disease, diabetes, AIDS and other STD’s, drug use, high blood pressure, strokes, pnumonia and the flu, and of course cancer. Nigger bucks are at least 50% more likely to develop lung cancer than white men. Nigger bucks also die more often from cancer of the lung and bronchus (100.8 per 100,000) than do white men (70.1 per 100,000). And nigger bucks are twice as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer as humans. I guess that melanin that makes your skin the color of shit isn’t as protective as you niggers think. But them, the average nigger is a borderline retard. Which is why niggers have been the punks of the planet for more than 500 years!

        • It’s hilarious when Neanderthal devils like yourself show your desperation by making citations that are (((EASILY))) dismantlable. For example, heart disease, diabetes, AIDS and other STD’s, drug use, high blood pressure, strokes & the other diseases you cite are preventable through proper diet & lifestyle choices. And, they are even preventable. The sun’s blanket damnation against your kind, however, is meant to (((TORTURE))) you & keep your kind continuously checking yourselves for Yakub Moles with the markings of the Yakub Melanoma. You can’t eat the right foods to alleviate the sun’s torture of you. Yours really made fools of yourselves with your “White Skin Superiority” theories. Flesh that (((EASILY))) destroyed by not just Ultraviolet Light – but all forms of light. Yes, ALL FORMS OF LIGHT are actually bad for your weak skin. L(thefuck)ol & #goodluckwithSPF!

          Antioch Hades

          BTW, you know ofcourse that SPF & sunblocks actually cause legitimate cancers on your kind. Why it’s just a comedy!

    • mela khem said:

      You continue to spout or adhere to such drivel like:
      “Ignorance is a root of “evil” that does nothing but create violence and hate”
      all the while creating violence and hate. Your smile don’t mean nothing, it never did, did it?

    • “Devils, before you call us racists or the KKK, give us the chance to enslave & lynch you, dehumanize and subject generations of your children and parents to opportunity limiting racial discrimination. After we do that to you & yours, then call us racist.” – St. Nicolas Thief

  8. Mr.Sparklesthehedgehog said:

    Who creayed whitemen if your god hates them.

    • mela khem said:

      You asked who created Albinos? Yes god(HuMan and HuWoman) did. Albinos(whites) come from Melanos(blacks). It is a birth defect and at it’s extreme produces a full Albino.

  9. mela khem said:

    This is the “evil eye” (they call it so)that scares Albinos when they unexpectedly meet a Melano, every time i see the fear in their eyes and they are startled when i come round a corner and an Albino is coming the other way.

  10. The NOI are racist loser morons. Only a complete cretin retard would believe an ancient scientist that looks like his mother fucked a battering ram created the white race. You guys are fucking stupid.

  11. Lay Z. Koon said:

    u see iyz b jipshun n sheeit, iyz b murrish n sheeit n iyz b perjin n sheeit weez bilt dems peeramids frums brix mayde frum saycred klay n sheeit weez maydes dem wit newports, molt licka n foo stams……… n sheeit

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  13. This has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. Whoever wasted their time making this page is a fucking moron & probably living off of the government. Otherwise, he would be at work and not wasting his damn time making up nonsense on the Internet. You really make your entire race look dumb when you write shit like this. Do you know anything about science? Anything about medicine? Obviously not. Go back to school you dumb fuck.

    • Do you know anything about science? Anything about medicine? Obviously not. Go back to school you dumb fuck.

      It’s best you & your weak skinned, easily destroy-able by Ultraviolet Light kind continue to cleave to your VERY credible White, Western science.

      Thanks for your post & #goodluckwithSPF!

      Antioch Hades

      • “It’s best you & your weak skinned, easily destroy-able by Ultraviolet Light kind continue to cleave to your VERY credible White, Western science. ”
        Came Back To The Thread From A Recent Comment…But Laaaawd Hammercy @ That Quotable!

  14. I need to get to know My self More

  15. Nangy Zoopi said:

    Hey, Darkies!! Do, say, what you will. I and my white hordes will do our best to destroy you. We are winning in Chicago where you dark morons kill yourselves each day while whites sit back and watch. This is only an example of how easy it is to destroy you dark beasts.

    • You should be fighting the Sun of God, Ra, instead of us. Even if you do your racially psychotic heart’s desire & destroy us all, you can’t live peacably on this planet for mother earth – with her global warming – & Ra – with his anti white, Ultraviolet Light – detest you. #goodluckwithSPF.

      Antioch Hades

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